Dan Curtis Johnson (crisper) wrote,
Dan Curtis Johnson

He was askin' for it, just look at the way he was dressed!

CNN: "Shooting victim apologizes to vice president"

I for one salute this magnanimous display of self-degraded kowtow, and call for February 17th to forever be known as "No, *I* Apologize Day". Just picture it:

* homeless, limbless Iraqi civilians can apologize to the U.S. military! "We're sorry we got in the way of your bullets and bombs. This must be so much worse for you than for us!"
* the families of serial killer victims can apologize to the murderers! "I'm sorry our son made you have to decide between strangling him with piano wire or braining him with a wrench, you poor thing!"
* New Yorkers can apologize to Al Qaeda! "We regret having had those tall buildings. Really, we should have knocked them down ourselves instead of making you do it!"

For consideration: putting on a public face that's so civilized, you just want to burn it to the ground and salt the ruins
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