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Passing into Color - scribbles and lies

Feb. 2nd, 2006

01:36 pm - Passing into Color

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Those of you who follow comics have mostly, I suspect, heard by now, but Seth Fisher-- the artist on the Legends of the Dark Knight story that JH Williams and I wrote, published last fall-- died yesterday. I don't know any details, but he was about my age, so I expect it was some sort of accident.

I was lucky to have known him, and even luckier to have worked with him. You couldn't spend any substantial amount of time with him without finding yourself looking at the world just a little differently. He was the sort of person who took the extraordinary completely in stride, but could find something amazing about the most mundane. Where others see metaphor, he would see the literal. I got the strong impression that Seth very actively subscribed to the belief that the world we inhabit is whatever world we perceive; he was a big fan of the idea that the distinction between stories and facts, between ideas and events, is a very thin (or perhaps non-existent) line at best. For my own part, I believe that we all get the afterlife that we expect-- that the guilt-ridden receive the punishment they crave, reincarnators come back as something new, messianists get to see the world made perfect, and those who don't believe in a soul will truly cease to exist-- and I'd like to think that Seth has now found himself someplace where the rules of existence are something you can hold in your hand, where everything is amorphous enough to actually do what you think it should.

With his passing, there are entire worlds of vision that we will, sadly, never get to see, but perhaps this was simply not the place for them to be realized. His art was always trying to escape the confines of the page it was on; I can only hope that now it will find unfettered expression on some greater canvas.

He will be greatly missed.