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100 words: A toast...

“...to the brave pilots of the new World Space Defense!”

Everyone cheers. Nobody thought it could happen, but the Worldkiller forced our hand: We came together as a species in order to survive. Blew that bastard asteroid right up.

Then I notice her sitting by the window, mouth moving, face solemn. As I draw closer, I see she’s counting: “Four,” she says. “Three.”

“Why the long face?” I ask. She looks up with eyes beyond despair. “They lied about succeeding,” she said. “But why not let us all die happy? Two.”

The sky outside the window begins to glow.


For consideration: "We ate the food, drank the wine / Everybody having a good time / Except you / You were talking about the end of the world"
Tags: 100words, end of the world

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