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100 Words: How Can You Still Be Living?

The assassin drops to the floor and strikes swiftly. Any weapon would be detected coming into the hospital, so he pulls the pillow out from under the target’s head and slams it onto his face as he awakens. The old man flails, but after a minute… uh…

…he keeps flailing.

And flailing…?


Die! Why won’t you…

The door opens. Guards pour in with tasers and the assassin jerks once, twice, falls. How did the target hold his breath so long?

The old man leans into view, chuckling: “Porous foam core. Breathe right through it. Hey, asshole: Do your research.”

For consideration: "You must honor and respect the older fellow / Even as you suffocate him with a pillow / Though you're strong / He. Was. Wise."

Tags: 100words, assassination

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