Dan Curtis Johnson (crisper) wrote,
Dan Curtis Johnson

Apologies to Christmas

Well the pressure outside is zero
But our pilot, he's a hero!
So as long as our nations race,
get to space, get to space, get to space!
The Cold War won't last forever
'Cause our science is so clever.
For atomic war, we must brace:
get to space, get to space, get to space!
When we finally drop the Bomb,
How we'll hate what we've done to the Earth
But when I'm floating way up there
I can see how much it's worth...
Diplomacy starts to fail
And the sirens start to wail.
There's one final rocket in place:
Get to space, get to space, get to space!

For you consideration: "Jingle Bells, Laika smells, Khrushchev cut a fart..."
Tags: holiday, parody

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