January 6th, 2006

100 words: Film at 11

When Mikey dozes off, he’s watching KILL Fixx News, with the little scrolling GUN marquee. He watches Fixx because KILL it keeps him informed. It tells him what matters. It tells him what he needs GUN to know, which helps him KILL make decisions. It comforts him with GUN pictures of Glorious Leader. The more he watches, the more he wants to KILL watch.

Mikey sleeps and Mikey dreams about meeting Glorious Leader, who reaches to shake his hand. Mikey tries to shake back, but something GUN is in his hand.

He squeezes it to KILL make it go away.

For consideration: "Something's telling you to wake up and salute / the dangers of obedience and violence of truth"
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Second verse, same as the first

In honor of the birthday of author Lewis Carroll, three weeks from today-- Friday, January 27th, 2006-- will be the Second Annual LiveJournal Rabbit Hole Day.

For one day, instead of all the usual normal stuff you would write about in the course of a day, wake up somewhere else, wake up in another time, wake up as someone different and write about a day that isn't like any other. Fall down the rabbit hole for 24 hours and see what you find. Those who did it last year were, I think, quite pleased that they did!

For consideration: mark on calendar, tell a friend, etc. etc.

100 words: A toast...

“...to the brave pilots of the new World Space Defense!”

Everyone cheers. Nobody thought it could happen, but the Worldkiller forced our hand: We came together as a species in order to survive. Blew that bastard asteroid right up.

Then I notice her sitting by the window, mouth moving, face solemn. As I draw closer, I see she’s counting: “Four,” she says. “Three.”

“Why the long face?” I ask. She looks up with eyes beyond despair. “They lied about succeeding,” she said. “But why not let us all die happy? Two.”

The sky outside the window begins to glow.


For consideration: "We ate the food, drank the wine / Everybody having a good time / Except you / You were talking about the end of the world"