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Stock Market Analogy II - scribbles and lies

Apr. 11th, 2008

10:07 pm - Stock Market Analogy II

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I have a gun, a revolver, it holds six bullets, it has one or maybe two
 rounds in it, not sure, don't know for sure, can't really tell, I'm in
 a room, millions of other people, all of them have guns, maybe some of
 them have more bullets than me, jesus we've all got guns, all pointing
 at each others' heads and it'll be okay, if nobody pulls their trigger
 we'll all be fine, OH FUCK I HEARD A CLICK, click click click, oh man,
 that was close, spin the cylinder, got to shoot them before they shoot
 me, they're gonna fire sooner or later and when someone fires everyone
 will start firing, it'll be a bloodbath, even the Big Guy says so, and
 Big Guy never lies, I just gotta be sure I start firing first, if I go
 first I'll be safe, millions of us, millions of guns and as long CLICK
 OH JESUS SOMEBODY PULLED THE TRIGGER click click click... Oh God, that
 was a close one, I think some guns went off somewhere, I think I heard
 some, but not right here, we should just put the pistols down, and get
 real jobs, that make real money not play money, but this is easier and
 the money just comes from somewhere as long as everyone stays calm and
 nobody starts firing, spin the cylinder, point at someone new, wait to
 hear the morning news, okay things sound okay, must not fire, must not
 start the panic, must not panic, must not panic, must not CLICK oh god
 click click click BANG *BANG BANG BANGBANGBANGBANG*, fuck, look at all
 the bodies, jesus, LOOK AT ALL THE FREE GUNS, get guns, gotta get guns
 and bullets from all the dead people, yeah, quick, get the guns, stand
 back up, somebody new standing over the old dead guy, point my new gun
 at his head, smile, stay calm everyone, just stay calm.

For consideration: originally written for talk.bizarre in Sept. 1998; stumbled across some old files looking for something else, think I'll repost some old stuff