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Apologies to the Mamas and the Papas - scribbles and lies

May. 14th, 2012

06:47 am - Apologies to the Mamas and the Papas

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Stark and Rhodey, more than just a toady,
demonstratin' weapons of war.
Bruce and Betty, gettin' kinda sweaty,
gamma radiation galore.
In Pepper's job Natasha sat
and after every movie, Fury's the cool cat.
Thor and Loki, just gettin' pokey
in Asgard - you know where that's at,
and no one's in the past except good ol' Cap.

Nick said, "Tony, i know you're not a phony.
A hero's really what you should be. (Join my team.)"
Stark said, "Fury, the drink has made me blurry.
I'll sober up eventually."
Stark, Fury, and Natasha sat (on the carrier)
and after the next movie, they had a chat.
Thor and Loki, still gettin' pokey
in Asgard - you know where that's at
and way back in the past crashed good ol' Cap.

Steve Rogers was bolder but couldn't be a soldier;
a procedure changed it all one day.
Fightin' against HYDRA, Red Skull behind ya;
the Tesseract dissolves him away.
When Fury met Cap there was adventure:
called Stark and Bruce and assembled the Avengers.
Thor and Loki - the movie did okay;
the next film is where it's at,
and no one's in the past, even good ol' Cap.

Favreau, arc glow, Branagh, frost thaw;
every film released in a chain.
Johnston, pounced on, Joss will get announced and
Comic-Con is going insane.
Ruffalo is next to get his hulk on;
Renner comes along and he gets a bow drawn.
Aliens and Loki, not very low key
while Kirby… well, you know where that's at
'cause everyone's makin' cash except good ol' Jack.

Trembled, assembled, Loki sure dissembled;
Hawkeye gets his mind obscured.
Widow has to break it; Coulson doesn't make it -
he could have used some powers for sure.
Open up a portal to the space fleet;
stop the invasion, golly that effect's neat.
Disney picks a weekend, calculate the back end,
run these ads immediately.
Let's see if we can make a billion dollars internationally.

For consideration: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1685006/avengers-box-office-billion-dollars.jhtml

Current Music: The Mamas & The Papas, "Creeque Alley"