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100 Words: Honor and Respect the Older Fellow - scribbles and lies

Feb. 7th, 2012

07:28 am - 100 Words: Honor and Respect the Older Fellow

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My 100th birthday. The alarm wakes me five minutes before my younger self materializes.

He’s unpleasantly surprised. “The plan was for you to be asleep.”

“I know the plan. Duh. Plan’s off. Everything was wrong. Don’t do it!”

He looks confused. I remember the feeling. “Did you… I mean me… lie to me on our 80th, then?”

“I felt differently then, but now I want to live!”

His discomfort is growing. “But… But…” Poor kid. But he needs to learn.

Finally, I can’t help but grin: “Just kidding. Plan’s on.”


“Yeah. Let’s go!”

He raises the disintegrator. “Happy birthday!”

For consideration: "It's clear you're very much alive / It's 2105."

Current Music: TMBG, "2082"


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Date:February 7th, 2012 04:59 pm (UTC)
It's ambiguous in the song just what year it is when the time-traveler smothers himself. There seem to be two major schools of thought, that he did it in 3415 or that he went back to 2082 and did it (but either way, not quite finding out what the deal was beforehand). I think one can find support for either interpretation in the lyrics, though the latter seems better motivated from a character perspective.
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Date:February 7th, 2012 05:16 pm (UTC)
I like to think that the smothering occurs in all of those times as causality flips and twists to keep you from ever really murdering yourself. Like a temporal whack-a-mole.
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Date:February 7th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
In any event, the song tells its little story with remarkable narrative economy.
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